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Is it typical for non-quest related Elites to only drop credits?

This would make sense to me because just because they are not quest related for me does not mean they are really non-quest related. It may be that either I have not picked up that quest or that I have not qualified for that quest. So it would limit people going after that enemy for strictly swag forcing others that need the kill for the quest to wait for respawn. Still not going to stop me though since I’m more after the XP, but if that is the case; I will be more selective and only do that during non-peak hours so that I’m not being overly rude.

Out of the three, non-quest related Elites I killed yesterday, I only received credit and the most for 524.

The two I killed involving a quest each netted me a nice weapon, quest item and credits. Well to be honest, I didn't kill any of them, my Wookiee did.
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