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Hey all!

I agree with what Redrob41 that there are some similarities which could lead to some players wondering about wither you were inspired by RoR or influenced by it.

The biggest or closest ones are the name of Kaila matching my character the pilot and the Duro mechanic/tech which if these two party members are a buddy/ partners will end up ringing to close to RoR's characters.

I'm only mentioning this since there will be others who will start to compare and cause confusion and possible issues/tension.

A possible solution i can see is simply change Kaila's first name and also change the species of the Duro if the Duro and your Kaila are partners....but I would say you could do a Devaronian or Sullustan.

Benefit of a Devaronian is that you can allow different armor to wear while the Duro you can't nor the Sullustan (Sullustan was a co pilot in Return of the Jedi)

On the Topic of Plot,

Sounds like you want to use canon, with Revan

You need to read the Revan book or get the info from someone who read it or the spoilers since you will need it to findout the canon of Mandalore, Bastila, T3-M4, Exile and Revan.

Make sure you do your research.

Wish you the best on your mod.

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