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Hi. I am having a problem with my KOTOR that I bought from Steam, Installation went fine and the game starts up alright but the character models are all completely bonkers. Arms and legs float freely, torso floats parallel to the floor, eyeballs and and head float separately and so on (this also includes Malak at the start menu). I have tried the simpler solutions; running in compatibility mode, changing settings, upgrading drivers, Dvx, patches, setting display options to the same as my monitor etc. I also tried the solution below:

Originally Posted by SmittyIsCool View Post
Well never mind, I downloaded ATI System Tools, created a game profile where I set Direct3d and OpenGL settings to Auto Balanced and it worked like a charm!
But to no avail. Or specificity, computer illiterate as I am I couldn't get it to work as the I couldn't find the above mentioned options anywhere in the ATI Tray Tools, at least not while creating game profiles. I'm running Vista home basic service pack 2 on a rather weak laptop (but still, we're talking about a, what, 7 year old game here). Specs below. Anyone know a possible solution for this?

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