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Question Win 7 Kotor.

I hope I'm putting this in the right place, if not, sorry! Feel free to put this in the proper place.

Okay, I've decided to bring my favorite Star Wars game from the dust pile and play it again. However, I'm running into two issues. The first one is, I'm unable to take screenshots. Now, I've followed the steps to take care of this, but after I do the steps, there is no difference. I press Print Screen button and all it captures is the loading game screen, even when I'm out running around in game. :/ Does anyone have any help/tips that involves Kotor & Win 7?

My other question relates with the first one in a way. Since I'm *horrible* at Pazzak and Swoop Racing, I sadly have to rely on cheats to get my money. But, like my screenshot issues, I'm not having any luck in getting my cheats to work. I do exactly as I have been told. Add the Enable Cheats to the Game Options and all that. But when I go into the game, I've tried everything to bring up the cheats. But it just won't work. Any Win 7 experts out there that could give me a hand?

Thanks in advance to any help!
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