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Good points there Logan.
Originally Posted by Warlord664 View Post
hmm very interesting post redrob41 alot of people would not notice all that stuff.
I started working on RoR 3.5 years ago, so it's on my mind a lot
Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
I like your idea of a devaronian/sullustan but is it not possible to make the duros change armour in appearance.2da?
No, the vanilla Duros in-game are single body+head models, so they can't change outfits. The only Duro that can wear armour and robes is RoR's Nindo Bahr, and that's only because I re-made a standard head into a custom head model.
Originally Posted by darth-ackbar View Post
RedRob, I know that is a huge set of coinsidences, however I can assure you that I didn't copy kailas name(maybe it's my subconcious acting up .) I confess that the builder droid idea stems from RoR but as you said, Dustil/Jek/HK/Yaru is just coincidence.
Yeah, I kinda think of it as a compliment, that RoR is in the back of everyone's mind .

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