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Of that I have no doubt

I'll have a talk with him about it. She sent back. I think I may know the reason he's upset and if I'm right about it he may understand.

"lright. I'll meet you at the ship."

Alriana turned to look at Tavaryn and then at Belina. "Xandros said that he would might us in the hanger and it looks like like Lady Jun-la is coming along as well. We'll try and make it to dagobah as soon as we're done."

"I take it you met Kaillian last night? She seemed like a pretty nice kid the last time Tonatius and I saw her."

Alriana smiled as she looked over at Belina and once again noticed the missing medal. "I thought she was sweet. And she seems to have the ability to get the Admiral here to give her her medals."

Belina looked down for a moment and muttered something about what she would have done if she was in the situation.

Alriana took a last look at Tavaryn. Be safe. She sent through the link as she turned towards the others accompanying her on the mission. "Is everyone ready?"
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