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Hi all. A google search helped me discover the guild, so I'd like to apply I ended up on Vornskr because a friend got the game a month before I did and that's just where she ended up! I've seen some Walking Carpet members walking around as well, so I figured this would be a good place to apply! Here's my info:

Name of your character: Cyrio
Class: Jedi Consular
Advanced class (if you have decided): Jedi Sage
Role (if you have decided): Healer
Chosen Crew Skills (when you get them): Artiface, Treasure Hunting, Archaeology

I'm only level 10 right now :-/ I played a trooper for a bit (lvl 11), switched to consular (lvl 15), and then decided I hated my name so I thought it'd be best to remake the character before I got too far in. I just got to the fleet with Cyrio, so I may be a bit behind most other characters! Anyway, let me know what you decide!
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