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Luckily the festivities for the new year and christmas have passed; one can find some more time to do some modding. I've been doing further tests and some reading on the intrawebz about lightmaps.

I've found out it's rather easy to do a big UVWmap for lightmap purposes. And got to work to find out if it can be used for my own made areas. It's doable, I only found minor issues on my test room.

1 mesh gets skewed and the lightmap gets misplaced on certain parts. Why this happens isn't really clear to me. Still about that issue. Somehow I fear I'll need to alter my way on how I slice up my model. Which means I'll need to redo the lightmaps

And so far to do 10 tiny lightmaps for my R&B club it takes a big hour... depending on what meshes get rendered... I did 50 meshes in 5 to 6 hours.

It still remains a daunting task to do lightmaps for an area. My biggest concern is that you're so certain something will get f*****d up... And you're looking at redoing stuff again... Urgh, hate my love for 3D x-D

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