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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Blix View Post
Sadly I haven't been able to get a hold of a copy for myself just yet, but by going off of the gameplay videos I'd say that it looks quite fun and more or less like how I imagined KOTOR III to look.
My smuggler has played the majority of the game on her own. She had to be rescued from one overmatched battle by Mav and Lynk and she has gone on some world boss mission and a flashpoint with the guild, but beyond that it has been solo for her.

It looks and feels like KotOR to me. Play wise it is very different, but IMO in a good way. The character sound is very kotor. With the chat off and the name plates off it feels, sound and looks like kotor. Major difference is I'm playing a style I would not play in a kotor sequel and killing every bad guy/girl I see is not an option for a healer at least. Quest I have to do it, but on random battles I have to pick battles I have a chance of winning. There is no turning down the difficulty when playing a squishier character.

Story wise this game plays very much like kotor to me. Quest and side quest can be way bigger than either kotor, but most have that same type of lightside/darkside options. The closest I can come to describing it is kind of a cross between kotor, jade empire and mass effect 2 only played with friends.

Don’t get me wrong there is no doubt it is a MMO. Idiots come standard; you just can’t allow them to ruin the experience. Still for the most part, I have found the community to be pretty fun to play with. I’ve had random strangers buff me, heal me and come to my aid when I was really getting my butt kicked. Don’t know for sure they were doing it out of kindness or because they owed me because I try to buff any non-smugglers I see and I heal anyone or their companions who are getting their butts kicked.

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