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Wink Great job!!

Originally Posted by Dark_Ansem View Post
awesome. we see the full extent of Nihilus' power.
indeed ...

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
Yeah, Miraluka have no eyes. In the comic, Nihilus actually tears out the flesh from her eye sockets, so I was going for a sort of 'healed wound' look for her eyes.
interesting, VERY interesting ...

Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
since you mentioned that she wears that shroud all the time, wouldn't you think that she'd need hair that short, and matted down to her head so that it wouldn't clip through said shroud? If I made a head model exactly like the one in the comics, there'd be some clipping issues.
reasonable I guess VP ... preferably no clipping issue that having her fully-haired but buggy

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