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Have you ever been embarrassed by the music in your musical library?

Have you ever been embarrassed by the music in your musical library?

In olden times you could have guilty pleasure songs in your music library, but keep these pleasures from friends and loved ones. Many a time I had to pull over to get my Rick Springfield CDs out of the trunk were I kept them out of the range of prying eyes. Now with my iPod/MP3, I do not have that luxury; all my most embarrassing musical hits are there on display for all my friends to see. Not only that, they can see how many times I’ve listen to them. Can’t use the excuse I rarely listen to Sublime’s “Wrong Way” when it is #9 on my 25 most Played play list. Hard to reassure my friends I still hate country music when George Strait’s “I Hate Everything” is #2 on that list.

So what about it, have you ever been embarrassed by the music in your iPhone/MP3 player?

If you have a funny story share, we all promise not to tell.

Most of my friends know I really don’t care what they think about my taste in music and with 4643 songs in my library I like a wide range of music. However, my most embarrassing moment was on a blind date a couple years ago. Attractive young lady, had a good time, good conversation, driving back home from Houston (50 min drive), iPod on random play… “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails comes on. Did not really notice or think about it until too late…Hit button…Sineod O’Connor comes on…Didn’t know at the time, but my date was huge Catholic and for some reason not a fan of Ms. O’Connor. Needless to say I didn’t get a second date.

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