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Last week I accidentally labeled The Quest For Absolution by PhoenixNovelist as Kotorfanmedia due to an improperly coded URL. However if anyone clicked the link, it went to the right place

The Coruscant Entertainment Center

SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: Absence of Lies


Sequel to CONFESSIANS OF A JEDI CONSULAR: The Sith guarding our hero explains what will happen, and this disturbs her more than captivity

The author is building on a foundation of good work, and doing it well. It could use a bit of polishing, but I would say that about anything I have ever read. The ending was intriguing, like Harcourt Fenton Mudd wiping out the android simply by saying 'I am lying'; do the Sith only lie?

Pick of the Week

Through the Looking Glass

TSL Parody: The Exile runs head on into Wonderland... Who will win?

Having enjoyed both fictions in my time, I enjoy how the author blended them. Having Visas as the dormouse freaking at the 'C' word, though the jam on her nose was never adequately explained. Having her kiss the Cheshire Cat (Atton) a number of places but never the lips until it is him again was very fun. Very good work.

Pick of the Week


TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Bao Dur and the Exile remember the steps that led from the war to Malachor V.

The piece is very introspective from both points of view. Each forged in the fires of war, and made them inseparable.

Hoth: Our Time In Hell

Most likely before TESB: A soldier assigned to Hoth enumerates the frozen hell he inhabits.

Yeti is an earth term; though though if someone wants to use it as the name of a creature, I won't complain.

The piece is a vision of a slice of living frozen hell. The character wishes for whatever peace he can gain yet you can see it is merely surviving that is the victory.

Tales of KOTOR: Chapelle meets KOTOR

KOTOR Parody: David Chapelle is inserted into KOTOR with surprising results

The parody is cute, but my problem is Chapelle leaves me cold. Interjecting his humor into the situation does not interest me in the least.

Darth Garak

No specific period given: HK carries out one last mission

Technical note: The sniper term is 'Good shot picture'. Not 'good aim'.

The piece is fast paced with a killer trying to eliminate four targets separated by distance. The primary thing bothering me is why HK is suddenly working for a Hutt crime lord.

A Silent Wish

Pre Mandalorian war: A young Jedi has her own unasked wish fulfilled

The piece is a nice slice of life view of who I would assume will grow into the Exile. Seeing her as a girl who never thinks she will be good enough is a refreshing change. The only negative story wise is what I considered a circular argument regarding why Jedi students train to fight; They train to fight so that when they become Jedi, they can. However most martial arts instructors say that the training is not to fight, but to avoid the confrontation. Except for those that learned their skills in military training, most of the teachers I have met are calm people who could break you in half without breaking a sweat, yet see no reason to hurt you unless you force them. This is because they stress the discipline and control over the body count.



Mandalorian Wars: Carth gets that certain jacket, after forgetting his anniversary

The piece flowed very well and we get to see not only Carth's reaction to the jacket, but every one else who see it too. You get the feeling of the love he had for his wife during the call.

Technical notes: While rules are relaxed during off time, having an airman (low rank) attempting to strike an officer would not be allowed. Also even during off duty time, no airman would speak so disrespectfully to a superior officer as happened in the com queue.

Having the officer delivering the mail demand that Carth open it in front of everyone was well done, right down to quoting the specific regulation. At first I thought Morgana had sent the jacket merely as a distraction until she seemed so enthused about it.

Life Wish

Pre KOTOR: Mical finds his true calling

The piece is well done, but I would suggest studying manuals on emergency procedures. The first step is triage; where you separate out the ones likely to die, and set them aside. You do not do triage later when you have a survivor who has a sudden remission.

The process sounds heartless, but if you have three people, one likely to die in minutes, another able to wait, and one who needs serious work, but can recover, you have the lesser injured wait, and set aside the one who will die unless you can save him in the minutes he has left. Remember that every second you spend working on a lost cause could have been spent working on someone likely to survive.

Your depiction of Jedi creating a medical means to stunt the growth of a child's ability to access the Force seems more heartless than anything I said above. 'A master doesn't want to train you, so we're going to rip the Force away' doesn't sound like a Jedi attitude. To my mind the ones who had too small a count of Midi-chlorians would get this; too many to be normal, but too low to make a Jedi.

Serpent Sublime

Pre Mandalorian wars: Was it seduction or simple unwillingness to resist?

The piece is deep introspection, Malak looking back, and seeing his initial fall, but you come away still unsure as to why he fell.


Pre Mandalorian Wars: The family of young Carth Onasi has to get used to Telos instead of Corellia.

An interesting look at the life of a young Carth Onasi, far separated from the wars that follow. Here it's just a young boy upset by moving. As someone who joking says if you can name a states west of the Mississippi I have not lived in (With the exceptions of Ohio, Alaska and Hawaii) I'll eat it without salt, I understand his irritation that home is not where you were, but where you are now.

Life and Times According to Griff P. Vao

Pre KOTOR: If only rationalization explained everything

The piece is an interesting look at life when Mission was a young child being sort of protected by Griff. It makes you wonder what might have happened if Griff had turned out as a good guy.

The Jedi Civil War - Part 1, Chapter 1

KOTOR On The Endar Spire: The adventure begins, with a twist

The piece is too short to get a good read on the author's style. But long enough to say, more!

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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