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Now for my personal reaction, since the journalistic reviews are all done with:

I'm glad they finally made a "Dark Jedi game" even if it's not a successor to the JK series. I'm also happy to play as Darth Vader in a single player game (I think for the first time), even if it feels like a bit of a tease only being one level (you can't even cheat to play as him in other places). The control over the force is the main draw for this title. The cutscenes are pretty cool, but the CGI character still look a little too creepy to be human, if that makes sense. Vader is particularly well done here, even though it's not James Earl Jones doing the voice. The main character reminds me a lot of Sam Worthington in the action roles he's played in the last half decade, though it's obviously not him, it's clearly inspired by his performances.

So, playing USE on the PC and I'm actually using a third party Xbox controller (but NOT an Xbox 360 usb controller), through an adapter. I'm using joy2key to map mouse/keyboard strokes to the buttons and sticks, so I had to learn it a different way (when it would say press "space bar" I had to know what button the controller that was mapped to and so forth).

Despite the patches, the game runs great but occasionally will crash for no apparent reason. Sometimes hall of mirror effects and invisible enemies (that don't have cloaking devices) will happen, and a reload will be required. The game plays much better with a gamepad let me tell you. I mapped everything to a button or joystick press and didn't need the mouse at all. It is annoying that you can't use the mouse to select menu items though, that seems like such a basic feature. You can easily alt tab out of the game to do stuff on your desktop. Played the game entirely on my new (2011) laptop with win7 64-bit. I actually played the "DLC" content first, and it was a pretty easy to get into, even though I didn't quite know what I was doing yet. Playing through the rest of the game I can see why they put in all the lightsaber crystals and costumes. Your force upgrades automatically though you get a few choices of things to implement into areas. I like the idea of killing enemies giving you health. You are a dark sider after all (the health back from kills functions much like the vampire sword in RUNE, but only gives you heath back after a confirmed kill, unless you use a special crystal where it can occur randomly from a clean hit). The game itself is fairly repetative, once you get past the great graphics. But the main fun to be had is playing around with the physics, finding creative ways to dispatch the hoards of enemies. The "boss fights" are typically heavy on quick time events (press the right button at the right time to win... and you get infinite chances to get it right, as it keeps replaying the cutscene like sequence until you hit all the right keys to "win"). The best battles are the saber vs. saber fights, and there are several of them. The graphics are pretty darned good. I haven't seen a Star Wars game yet that looks this good. The overall impression is reminiscent of the way Jedi Academy did it, a kind of "round tour" of Star Wars locations, mixing stuff from the movies (especially the prequels) with well known stuff from the EU. Going in I thought the over-the-top Jedi Powers and some of the Expanded stuff (like the new rancor variants) would annoy me, but they didn't. Unlike the JK series and many other games, you have only one attack that doesn't involve the force... your lightsaber that you hold backwards (no changing stances, but you can hold a block key). So no picking up guns or engaging in fisticuffs. I guess that keeps it simpler, but there were times I wished I could take command of the many abandoned EWEB cannons or do something besides hack at enemies with my batsaber (there's no dismemberment in this game, though I hear there is in the sequel). The saber combat is like a lot of third person console games, and it reminds me a lot of the "Spider-Man" games. You just tap the button which makes your character automatically do a combat that kills your opponent by the last hit.

So impression is: Not bad overall. I beat the rest of the game with ease (after the Star Destroyer), though I will say that the later fighting the dark lord was pretty tough on the highest difficulty so I downgraded it in order to beat him (maybe I'll try again at a higher difficulty some time). It's really a shame the saber combat wasn't deeper in this game, the QTE sequences were a bit overused (and I'm glad some of the big enemies can be defeated without them). Pity about lack of multiplayer, but I still have an inkling to try the sequel, even if people say it's not as good storywise... it's cheap, how can I pass it up?


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