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Finished model in Gmax - want it in JK2.

Hello, I hope someone here's still active.

The circumstances are:
-I don't have 3DS Max or Softimage XSI (it's expensive).
-I've finished my model, but I can't line it up to the bones and all since I have Gmax.
-People make models all the time, I just want my bird ingame even though its anatomy might not be physically logical from a scientist's point of view!
-Being this bird creature in game would be the biggest dream come true I can imagine... in... computer land.

I would be very forever grateful if someone could simply take my model (I don't know in what form), and very quickly make it fit on the skeleton, do any last minute scaling and make it work with JK2. Doesn't matter if it looks ridiculous or if it violates ethical FPS values (what I mean is: if it takes too long to do that LOD stuff, it might just be simple enough to work without?).

I'm asking because I've tried to do it myself before, with a different more primitive model and it was a horror - no explanation explained it and it was a billion lost plugins from the depths of the internet, a billion wrong versions of 3DS max.. and now I just... well I don't have 3DS max, and it must somehow be possible to get a model into JK2 these days too. Could someone help? Or point towards someone or someplace that could?

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