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Jacob Musto found himself walking through the halls of the facility, hearing vaguely that he was assigned to another squad. He didn't really care. More people sent from command to be killed off in the war. Jacob felt that the war served no purpose, and that it was humanity's own fault for depleting all the oil reserves 500 years ago. Must humanity always thrust itself into war with itself, no matter what? He didn't care for the reasons, nor the morals of this war, even if the brieders started it. They were still human, long ago. It was his father's own damn fault for thrusting him in the middle of it - despite his protests.

Jacob sighed to himself as he walked towards the armory, clad in his camouflage jacket. Over the right breastpocket, was a metallic nametag that said SGM. MUSTO, and right under that were a few ribbons and medals that he didn't even want - nor deserve. Well yeah, he had some accomplishments, but he didn't even want to be in the war in the first place. He feels like he's throwing his life away!

He leaned against a wall that was parallel to the door. He decided to pull out his steel lighter, and light a cigarette.

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