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"Cocky McSure-of-Himself, that's a new one", Mio said as she approched Erica and embraced her like girlfriends do after not having seen each other in a while. All the squealing and shouting. There were times when as a girl, you just couldn't help it, even if you were also a soldier.

"How've you been girl? After the mission you went on sixth months ago, I thought your video call service had been cancelled or something, I must have left you like a hundred messages", Mio said, but knowing Erica, since both she and Andrew were moved around a lot because of his attitude, they probably changed her personal line.

Mio also remembered Andrew was there and she thought she at least owed him a greeting, since they had not seen each other in a while and they practically grew up together.

"Hi Andrew, you ready for a body count contest?", Mio asked him as she was constantly competing with him.

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