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Tardiness was not something Corporal Mike "Onyx" Winston was known for. He walked confidently through the hallway, taking the time to remember where everything was. He was able to fit the things he needed in a backpack, which he had gotten use to carrying. He had a black balaclava covering his face, and special sunglasses on top of that. He was assigned to this mission due to his technical skills and skills in communications. Yes, today was looking like a good day...

"Hi Andrew, you ready for a body count contest?"

Onyx gulped when he heard this. One, that was a female's voice. Two...body count?

"Body count? Well I hope you don't start with me," Onyx joked looking to the female. Upon seeing her he recognized her as the one in charge. Oops. "Corporal Winston, reporting ma'am...but please call me Onyx," he said while giving a crisp salute.

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