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"Mission six months ago," Erica said thoughtfully. Then, she shook her head. "Oh, right. Drew dumped our CO on his ass 'coz he looked too angry. Guessing I don't need to tell you why. We were transferred to a new unit same day. Far as assignments go, that was one of our shortest, wasn't it, Drew?"

Drew grinned. "Two days. Definitely a record."

"Hi Andrew, you ready for a body count contest?"

Drew was about to reply when someone else joined the conversation.

"Body count? Well I hope you don't start with me. Corporal Winston, reporting ma'am...but please call me Onyx."

"Well... Onyx," Drew said eyeing the man critically. "Lil' Mio an' me do try to avoid friendly fire incidents. Course if you screw up and get in my way, don't expect me to shed even a single tear over you."

"Andrew Damien Sullivan!" Erica hissed. "That hole near the bottom of your face? Now's a perfect time to shut it."

Drew laughed. "Oooh, full name? Guess I'm in trouble now." He grinned at Mio. "Aren't I, Mommy Mio?"

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