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Yes, there is. You're going to have to roll back your video drivers to an older version. This is the oldest version I could find for 32-bit Vista.

Replacing your drivers with an older version is a complicated process because the newer drivers will always leave junk files behind. These have to be eliminated or they will mess up the installation of the older ones.

1) Download and install Driver Sweeper and CCleaner. If the installation packages contain adware, be careful not to install it as well.

2) Go to Start>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a program and uninstall the AMD/ATI drivers, Catalyst Control Center and anything else that has anything to do with them, then reboot.

3) Boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 at POST screen when the computer first powers up), login to the administrator account and run Driver Sweeper. When it's done it will prompt you to reboot, so do so, but into Normal Mode this time.

4) Run CCleaner's registry cleaner. It will prompt you to back up your registry first, and I would do so, then fix any issues and reboot into Normal Mode again.

5) Now you can install the new (old) drivers.
Okay, so this is going to be the most techignorant question ever but...I can't find the drivers listed when I boot the uninstall program screen. Should I run uninstall drivers from the proprieties screen or the restore earlier drivers from the aforementioned? Or is there a third way I missed?
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