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Kaivon Gosron walked through the halls of the facility and tried his best to avoid the groups of people walking past him. A few of them stared at him but he ignored the stares. There were few people who were as tall as he was and he was sure that he was the only one on the base who was currently wearing a set of Titan12 armor. He had just arrived back from a training mission and hadn't had a chance to change yet.

A few of the people who passed him by began to mutter behind his back and he tried his best to ignore them but it was difficult. He wasn't really a social person and a few people had called him an idiot because of that fact. Kaivon knew that he wasn't as smart as some of the other people on the base but in his opinion that gave them no excuse to say things behind his back.

As he continued to walk through the facility he saw a small group of people up ahead of him who were chatting with each other. He moved over to the side of the hallway and continued walking so that he wouldn't get too close to them.
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