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Gao Peng walked through the facility hallways to meet his new CO, pushing past people, just to be sure he wasn't that late. He had heard a few positive things about this Kobayakawa woman, but he couldn't really say he knew much more than that; his habit of not asking questions has probably contributed to that fact. He still couldn't believe he was alive and well, being one of three survivors of a disastrous operation. It had traumatized him enough that he still had nightmares about that operation. He then saw a group of people, right where he was told he would meet with his new squad. He was able to pick out Kobayakawa in the group, but he didn't recognize the others. Gao went straight up to Kobayakawa and introduced himself.

"Corporal Gao Peng, at your service, ma'am. I believe I have been reassigned to your squad," he said, giving a quick salute.

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