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Oh man! You mean you didn't announce its long delayed, hugely anticipated European release? :-/ We Euros have been waiting since June to hear when it was finally coming to our shores... The November announcement was HUGE news -- as big as DF announcing a new game... because that's exactly what it was to us.

Also, you didn't share the ResidualVM news from April that Grim Fandango was finally completable? People with modern machines (and non-PCs) can finally play the game to completion? Or the bug they fixed in November that was in the game since it was released (that Schafer didn't even know about)?


This sort of LucasArts-related news is the very reason I visit MixNMojo. Hmm. If no-one else is focussed on it, perhaps I could volunteer to add DF/European/Console news?

I used to have news posting access years ago, and possibly still do, but I've long since lost my login.

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