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Drew laughed. "Oooh, full name? Guess I'm in trouble now." He grinned at Mio. "Aren't I, Mommy Mio?"

"Oh please, the notion of being called a mother by you gives me the creeps", Mio said.

"Corporal Winston, reporting ma'am...but please call me Onyx,"

Mio saluted back at the soldier and just gave him a reassuring look.

"At ease soldier, we're just introducing ourselves", she said as she turned around to see a woman in a lab coat. Not often were scientists in the military compound and when they were, they had a pretty shadowy reason for being there.

"Umm, well you gotta go back in the hallway, make two rights and you're gonna be there. By the way, are you assigned to a specific station? What is your specialty?", Mio asked.

"Sir, Shade-202-Alpha reporting, I will be your designated Shade specialist for this mission...Ma'am."

Mio turned to find a man, or maybe something more, a Shade. She was familiar with the project, her father was privy to all details of the experiments and even approved of their use early on. He assigned one to her squad to make sure things got done. How typical.

"Welcome Shade, while I do consider your presence an overkill in my squad, I do welcome you into the unit. Be at ease and if you need anything just make sure you let me know. I always seek harmony in my unit, as long as we're comfortable and content, we should work to our fullest", Mio said giving him a small smile and a salute.

"Corporal Gao Peng, at your service, ma'am. I believe I have been reassigned to your squad,"

Mio turned to face Gao and saluted him to welcome him into the unit.

"At ease corporal. I have heard good things about you, you come highly recommended", Mio said, and turned her attention to the soldier leaning on the side of the hallway a bit far from them. Considering he glanced a few times over to them, she thought he might be part of the unit. She then recognized his face from one of the profiles.

"Kaivon Gosron I presume? You don't have to stay all the way over there soldier, contrary to popular belief, I don't bite... much", Mio said adding that with a grin.

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