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"Kaivon Gosron I presume? You don't have to stay all the way over there soldier, contrary to popular belief, I don't bite... much",

Kaivon hesitantly walked over towards the group and nodded once and then saluted. He was nervous being around this many people he didn't know at once but still, he had been told he was being assigned to a squad this morning and this woman did know his name so this was obviously the squad.

"Yes." He said quietly, "Kaivon Gosron reporting for duty ma'am." He brought his hand up for a salute

"Unless you pin her down, Then, she bites. Hard. Think I still have a scar to prove it even."

Kaivon took a look over and a look of confusion appeared for a moment and then a small smile appeared on his face. "A joke. That was actually pretty funny." He said as he chuckled slightly. "No disrespect intended ma'am." He said quickly as he looked over at Sergeant Kobayakawa and stared straight ahead.
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