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This is where Warriors have a real problem in my experience, or at least Juggernauts. I can't speak to Marauders, but Juggernauts do not have the 60 second stun that every other class in the game seems to have. This puts them at a serious disadvantage in group fights against multiple Strongs/Elites.

As a Juggernaut, I have two 4 second stuns (there are also a couple of stuns as a side-effect of some attacks like Smash and Force Charge, but these only work on Weak/Normals). These are fine for single targets, but are insufficient in dealing with groups. In theory, my job should just be to tank both and soak up the damage while my DPS companion kills them. But that doesn't work for me unless I am a couple of levels above the mobs as I am far too squishy.

For a Marauder, the two strategies that present themselves would be using either a DPS companion (Vette at that point) or a healing companion (is this after Balmorra? Can't remember). Lynk seems to favour the former, whereas my experience with other DPS classes leans towards the latter. I guess it is a matter of personal preference. Either way, the idea is to kill them as quick as possible. If you are using Vette, I'd advise both targeting the same Strong and knocking it off as quick as possible. At least then if you die afterward it will stay dead and make the subsequent fight easier.

For that particular quest, I can attest that they have markedly upped the difficulty of it. I played a Warrior during one of the October beta weekends and I waltzed through that quest as a Juggernaut (I was originally planning to play a Marauder in live, so went Jugg for beta) fairly handily despite being under-levelled. When I did the quest again in live with a char a level over the recommended, it was a struggle. I died a number of times.

If you are still stuck on it, I'm happy to come lend a hand (at level 47, I could probably just about tank level 24 mobs ).
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