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Yeah it pretty much worked. I will say that the first thing I loaded up after installing the game and the patch was the Jedi Temple "DLC" level. The sky was hall of mirrors and it was kind of laggy. I emailed Aspyr about it, but eventually, after I restarted my computer, it worked. Still no idea what happened there.

I just installed TFU 2, and I must say, the graphics have really been tweaked! I had assumed all this time that it was basically the same as USE, but it looks like they've done a lot more work on it. Consequently the game runs a lot slower than before. But who knows, maybe a few magical reboots will fix things. I can only hope.

I did discover that I have to fire up the game (TFU 2) FIRST and THEN connect my USB controller (which emulates keyboard/mouse buttons). Otherwise it will try to use a true Xbox 360 controller (which I don't have) and make the game impossible to control outside the menus. I had no such problem with TFU:USE. I think this sequel needs at least another patch. It's been over a year since it came out though, so I doubt we'll see one, sadly.

The wikipedia page says there was DLC released for TFU2 on the Xbox360 and PS3. What was in it, and is it in the PC version?

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