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Mio saluted back to Kaivon when he introduced himself and simply rolled her eyes at the exchange of words between Andrew, Kaivon and Jacob, but mostly to what Andrew had said.

"Drew, you're not helping here, could you at least try to be a little bit more sensitive of the situation? We haven't even deployed yet", Mio said and she turned around to look at the guys that had arrived.

"Well I was hoping that everyone would make their way here just to get our introductions out of the way. You all know me by now, at least by word of mouth but I'll introduce myself. I am Sergeant Mio Kobayakawa, nice to meet all of you and I hope our work together brings us success as a unit and on a personal level. As we are in the armory, make sure to take all your needs to the requisitions officer and they will be tended to. Our ship takes off at exactly 1300 hours, make sure you make it on time as the ship will wait for nobody", Mio said as she saluted all of them and turned to leave. As she reached the door to the hallway she looked back. "If any of you wish to talk to me, my quarters are on the officer barracks just outside this building on the left, oh and Drew?...", she turned to face him directly. "Try not to give Erica a headache", she turned and left.

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