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Cadice Marin sensed that the group was about to disperse, and to make matters worse, she hadn't answered the questions that the comely soldier called Mio had posed to her. "Wait!" she cried, raising her right hand. "Perhaps you know"...No. Too much too soon, she thought. I don't want to deluge them with information, but I do want to gauge how much they know about the Brieders and their biology. I'd better start at the beginning.

"My name is Cadice Marin, with a doctorate in biological research. I come from the facility at Cretia, which isn't too far from here. Right now, I'm trying to study Brieder tissue samples to discover how the virus mutated normal humans into--the kind that we're fighting right now," she said ruefully. "What I especially want to find out is if--well, let me put it this way. I know that the airborne toxin that transformed ordinary people into Brieders was neutralized thirty years ago, but something still seems wrong about this situation.

"In order to win this war, the Brieders need something else besides their superhuman abilities and Klaut-gun power. They need numbers, too. If their population is now stabilized, the more of them that die, the more they'll be weakened. They must be attempting some other way to replenish themselves, a way that we don't know about yet. That's what I've been set to discover."

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