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Mio stopped on her tracks as the Doctor introduced herself. In the confusion and bickering that Andrew had caused, she immersed herself in disarming the situation, that she did not register that the doctor had not answered her questions. She turned to face her and gave her a small smile.

"Sorry, I kinda got sidetracked a bit back there. Nice to meet you doctor, my father is General Kobayakawa, and I seem to remember that... on one occasion...", Mio brought a finger to her chin trying to remember what it was and then continued, "This one scientist came to dinner to my house once, he spoke something about how the brieders were reproducing and he just seemed to mention harvest fields... I am not sure what he meant by that, I don't think that inside The Hive the brieders just "plant" babies or eggs or whatever it is that they come from, but his theory hasn't been blown off by the scientific community. What about you? You have a theory on this as well?"

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