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Ebon Hawk

Mind you, it doesn't help that my stepfather has already asked me about names.

Jun-la happened to be passing by and guessed quite a bit. She said, "Having a plan is nice and all but some things just spring up on you. We're about to take off so just fair warning." She gave Alriana's arm a gentle squeeze of reassurance.



Stand by until we reach Dagobah.We should be there in around half an hour.

Tavaryn replied, "Roger that sir."

It was going to be an interesting wait. He could hear Tara murmuring about something in his ear and would have smacked his helm but that would have looked stupid. He looked at his second and the rest of his team. They were ready to go even in a relaxed state. He trained them well.

Out of boredom, he sent, Having fun with your girl talk moi chroi?

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