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Kotor Trouble Again. :/

Okay, the game has been working perfectly up until now. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Wotor mod, removing only the Bastila or Malak UTC, but none of that works. In fact, I seemed to have made the situation worse.

I'm on my way to the Star Forge and the cut scene is a pure black wall. The music plays but that's it. The cut scene works at first, where the Ebon Hawk takes off, but after that, absolutely nothing. That's when I started toying around with the Wotor. I first removed a few UTCs and that didn't help. I then uninstalled the Wotor mod, and the game froze not even half way into loading my saved game. Okay, so I installed it again, same thing, it won't load my saved game. Have I just ruined my game?

I even tried to load a save game much earlier into the game, and it does the same thing. It loads a little less then half way and then freezes. Why do I have a bad feeling about this? :/
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