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And we got a 1.2 patch for TFU:USE, and a 1.1 patch for TFU2.

Well I'll say after playing through the first game on PC that it was pretty fun, albeit repetitive. It's a very consolish pc game that's for sure, in fact, I might even go so far as it to style it an "arcade" game. The main fun in the game is coming up with creative ways to wipe out your enemies... tossing objects around, maneuvering them through windows and so forth.

The storyline is kind of fun, but it's nothing too deep we haven't seen before, just another way to cleverly insert "your character" into the heart of the Star Wars saga and go with it, an excuse to put you in lots of Star Warsy situations. It was short, but fun. I see along the way they had to to give you lots of little upgrades and lightsaber colors or costumes to keep it from getting to boring. Not a bad game by any means, but nowhere near the depth of a Jedi Knight series installment. It's worth getting, if you've got a decent system and a controller adapter (I used my 3 in 1 Magic Joybox from Mayflash, so I can use real Xbox, GC or PS2 controllers, no need to buy a special usb 360 pad). TFU2 seems like more of the same (and no huge wait this time, thankfully), though you can change the menus with the mouse (something you couldn't do in the first game which was really annoying). But TFU2 doesn't work with my controller, unless I plug it in AFTER booting up the game. The graphics in the sequel are way richer than the previous installment (though there's a lot of motion blur, which you can turn off if you prefer). Plus there's a higher framerate possible (unofficial framerate unlocker is out there) and dismemberment, but once again, many of the same weaknesses, like no multiplayer and not much editing potential. The "DLC" for FU2 is some extra saber colors, costumes and five extra "challenges" (looks like you can post your "challenge" scores on some online leaderboards, which I'm not too concerned about, but if that's your thing).

Was it worth it to port these games to PC? Absolutely. I'm glad it happened. And they will look and play slightly better on a decent PC than on a console, even though it's basically the same exact thing as the 360 or PS3 playing on our screens. But I am also glad I didn't spend $60 on each of these games (and shell out for a brand new controller to play them, in addition).

The other upside to the PC is that it's possible to play the Wii version of either game (via emulation) and take advantage of the multiplayer that way. You can even hook up a Wiimote to your computer, as long as you have a compatible blue-tooth device and some free software from the internet. So you can get the best of both words... (even if the MP for these games is pretty basic, especially in the sequel).

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