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Revan all Along [TSL]

Revan All Along is a recruitment mod that will allow you to recruit a new character by the name of "The Rook". This character had followed Revan around secretly during Revan's quest during the Jedi Civil War. He will take the place of G0T0, and he will actually join you in the same place, albeit you choose to get rid of G0T0 once on the Ebon Hawk. I can't much explain anything else about him, without revealing a (hopefully) major point in the side-quest that I may include with him.
So far I only have one helper in this, which is DarthJango/Weasley.

I will hopefully be getting out of the RUT that I am in at the moment, which includes school (trivial matter in a few weeks), and I've lost most, if not all, of my data... so don't expect that much from me for a few more weeks until school is out and I can finally FOCUS!!!


Dialogue: 2%
Story: 5% (In my head)
Character: 20% (Added him to the game files using Kotor Tool, but I haven't actually gotten the script to recruit him, and done it.)
(What other things to the mod am I missing? I can't think of anything at the moment.)

Extra thoughts:
In one quick sentence, my life is terrible at the moment, I have lost all data at this point, Steam crashes when I try to do anything on it, and I just had finals... But, good news is that summer is coming soon, and I'll probably be able to work on this crazy project. (If I can get K2 to work...)

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