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Hello there!

I have been enjoying my very first playthrough of the vanilla TSLRCM (along with a mod I am testing o.O ) and I have to say.... Great Job guys!!!!

I noticed a new sequence compared to TSLRP in the way Nar Shadaa plays out, and to me it now seems to be a better restoration in that area, although
Show spoiler
Atton and Mira definitely get more face-time
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Just a minor issue, and I should probably post it over at DS, but here ya go -
Docks module, Mira to Atton, on their way to Tienn Tubb's shop: "}Uh-oh, we've got insects. Looks like.... (snip)"

Obviously, the closed bracket that is oranged does not belong in the dialog file.
This in particular was new restored content to me... great stuff!
Other than that, and a few little CTD's that seem to be unavoidable playing these games, I am very pleased with this playthrough thus far!

Nice work Darth Stoney, zbyl2, VP, Hassat Hunter, and the rest of the team!!

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