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Originally Posted by DarthJango/Weasley View Post
You know, that is exactly the same thing for me. My friends (most) are in to ardcore rap, I mean, the stuff which for 5 minuets is someone swearing awnd talking about making love to someone. But me, I say, BRING OUT IRON MAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!
Well don't get me wrong, they are tallented artist and all (well some anyway), I'm just not a huge fan of the genre.

As for the cussing part... I think it can be used as a tool to convey emotion in music ( ie. Immortal Technique ), but I very much dislike it when people talk about sex in their songs. That's why I don't get into any of the really heavy metal bands like Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse. But hey if that's why you like then by all means listen to it.

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