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Mio brought a finger to her chin again as she always did when she got immersed in her thoughts.

"And what are you going to do to prove it to them? It's not like anyone is going to volunteer for getting turned into a brieder any time soon", Mio asked, she then moved closer to her so nobody else could hear. "Since you were honest with me, I'll give you some information of my own. My mission, the one that my unit is undertaking right now, is not only the defense of the Cretia Facility but also an incursion into Brieder territory. If a certain scientist was to tag along, maybe, just maybe, she might be able to gather some more data or even get the proof she needs to back up her claims..."

Mio knew that suggesting this to a scientist was difficult to accept, as tempting as it would be for the research value, almost no scientist would agree to jumping in the middle of gun fire and death to get research... although maybe if they were really driven... probably...

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