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I've recently tried to install KOTOR II on my windows 7 laptop, I just installed and ran through KOTOR 1, I had applied the lastest patch to KOTR 1, and installed the fix win7/vista mss32dll file, before it would run.
I uninstalled KOTOR 1 and went to install KOTOR II it would say missing mss32dll file, so I went back installed KOTOR applied patch and dll fix, then I installed KOTOR II I downloaded the lastest patch after and Downloaded the mss32dll and copied it to my game root folder, however when I create a new character and go to press play, as soon as the opening movie ends it give the stop working error and I have to close. What am I missing?

I'm using a Dell inspiron 15 R 6 gigs ram, i-5 processor 2.3 ghs - 3ghs speed.
and a intel hd 3000 graphics card. KOTOR 1 ran fine so what did have I done incorrectly on this installation? I also downloaded theses direct-x files dxwebsetup and the directx_Jun2010_redist package any help would be much appreciated.
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