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Originally Posted by Snard View Post
Not necessarily; You could redo all of her dialogue with a different voice actor, since she doesn't have very many lines. This way her voice would be the same all throughout.
Yes, but finding a female voice actor is incredibly hard to do. Finding any voice actor for that matter is incredibly difficult.

Originally Posted by 90 SK View Post
Make her speak female twilek maybe so there are no silent voiceovers, and retro it on to her pre-recruited dialog. I think there is a considerable amount of space for expansion here that won't be particularly difficult I too will offer my services Ferc Kast PM me!
Uh. No. Alien VOs are so overrated, besides... there's not a single party member that speaks alien (besides Zaalbar and wookies can't really speak basic so...) not only that, it would get annoying to hear Twileki every few seconds... as well as the fact that it would downgrade the number of downloads.
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