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"Alright then, thanks.", replied Valek, when Kalla was walking away. He walked to the dormitory and saw two bunk beds right next to each other inside of the wall. An interesting design. He went to the bed farthest from the doorway, and slid open a drawer to place his datapad and knife inside of. Increasingly bored, he walked into the cargo hold. It was rather empty, aside from a large container on the other side of the room, a couple plasteel cylinders, and emergency food rations directly to his left.

He activated his lightsaber and held it in both of his hands. Even though his connection the Force is broken, he still remembered the lightsaber forms that had been taught to him. He swung his lightsaber around and started doing all of these erratic moves and jabs. He was practicing Juyo, the hardest lightsaber form to master, and the least favored one, as the user fought under the guidance of controlled passion. Surprisingly, he nearly fought with the same grace and power as he did years ago.

He held his vibrosword in his left hand, and decided to practice Jar'Kai, albeit without two lightsabers. He often combined Jar'Kai with Juyo to create a devastating form during a duel, but he had no second saber, so this would be a little different. He held his weapons in the Jar'Kai opening stance, and did a "whirlwind" with his weapons. He made erratic movements and quick attacks, his speed and grace still sharp. He decided to practice for a little longer, and then decided that he needed to spar someone. He continued to spar with the air.

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