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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Iím not 100% sure if it is that Troopers are easier or that I just better at the game mechanics now, but I played up to level 8 last night and didnít die and unlike my smuggler I killed everything.
I'm 100% sure. Troopers are easier. Like you, I chose a smuggler as my first character and I can't count how many times I've died. Then I tried a trooper. OMG, what a difference! Killing was way easy. I didn't even have to think too much about which foe to take out first. Just launch a grenade barrage, then finish them off with a few blaster shots--done deal. Leveling up was so much faster. It took me like twenty minutes to get my trooper to the same level it took my smuggler two hours to achieve. Or it seemed like it anyway.

But, I've left my trooper on Ord Mantell and went back to my smuggler for the time being. Miqui may not have a lot of armour or massively destructive weapons, but her story is great so far and having to use stealth and surprise to defeat an enemy is more challenging and fun for me.

For my trooper, the recipe is the bigger the gun and the stronger the armour the better--just aim, fire, then loot. Troopers are definitely a lot easier to play!

Just out of curiosity, Mimartin, are you taking your smuggler all the way up the sawbones route? Or have you gone with some other skills as well?

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