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Originally Posted by JasraLantill View Post
Just out of curiosity, Mimartin, are you taking your smuggler all the way up the sawbones route? Or have you gone with some other skills as well?
Now at level 39, she is still straight 100% sawbones. What I have noticed with this route is you must make sure companions are more up to date than your toon. If the reward is better armor for you or your companion, take the companion gear, especially weapons. Also have to slow down and inspect my surroundings every time. Take the strongest out of the fight while killing the lower level mob, heal and then take out the big boy focused on healing companion on the strongest. The stronger the boss the less likely I’m even to cause any damage. Works really well with 95% of the battles, where it does work at all is battles out of cut scenes. Last night I died within 6 seconds coming out of a cut scene in a story quest line boss on Quesh. Call the medical probe and had no trouble the second try when I could use my smuggler's skills.

So far, I’ve only found a smuggler quest line boss on Tatooine and a bonus boss on Quesh that I haven’t been able to defeat. Another bonus boss on Balmorra killed me more times than I can count, but I finally got the last laugh.. The one on Tatooine I called Mav and Lynk in to help me (and by help I mean they killed the pair). The one on Quesh, I’m still working on. Finished Quesh last night expect for that bonus boss, so it will die sometimes this weekend even if I have to go last resort and call in Lynk again. I think I’m a little too stubborn to play as a healer sometimes.

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