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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Last night I died within 6 seconds coming out of a cut scene in a story quest line boss on Quesh.
Yes, that is a seriously flawed part of the game. Not only for the cover classes, but my Juggernaut had lots of issues with it as well as he needs 10m+ range to Force Charge in to proc a free Force Scream and build enough Rage to use any of his main abilities. When you are dumped out of a cutscene straight into 0-5m combat, it can be a real headache. And as your example demonstrates, you rarely have more than a few seconds to assess the situation and get the upper hand.

I recall from beta that in one or two Agent story missions that they would actually show you diving out of the way at the end of the cutscene, leaving you a bit further back when combat began (albeit not actually in cover). I'm not sure why they don't do something like that for all class stories to be honest. It's just laziness and bad design on their part.
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