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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I recall from beta that in one or two Agent story missions that they would actually show you diving out of the way at the end of the cutscene, leaving you a bit further back when combat began (albeit not actually in cover). I'm not sure why they don't do something like that for all class stories to be honest. It's just laziness and bad design on their part.
My smuggler can dive for cover, but only if there is something close by to hide behind. She can't just dive and roll on her own. She just kneels. (Or sometimes, I like to think she is praying for salvation because she knows she's just gonna die.)

But, yeah, the battles after the cut scenes are sometimes tough as I don't always have time to get her out of the way before she starts getting pounded. I found that flash grenades sometimes work well to initially break away. So do the blaster whip and the dirty kick (which strangely seems to work equally well on droids as it does on living beings... )

I have been doing a similar kind of tactic as Mimartin has been using as far as using the companion as a tank and then taking out one of the weaker foes while keeping him healed up. As soon as I make the first kill, then all sorts of buffs are made available, and I've been sort of practicing on what combos seem to work well together. I really like using a back blast with the shotgun, followed by a blaster whip, then a dirty kick (though I keep thinking I should be earning DS points for doing so. )

Just wish my companion was a trooper instead of a... erm, I'm not exactly sure what Corso Riggs is actually. He has the capability for heavy armour, but for some reason he can't use the artillery-style heavy weapons. Or at least, I don't think he can. I'm just at level 18, so maybe he can use them later? I don't know. But I'll still try to keep him as armoured and armed as possible as I use him as a tank mostly. Suppose if he was a trooper though, my smuggler wouldn't have to be so sneaky.

If I ever do need help with one of the big bosses later on though, at least I have guildmates to call on for some assistance.

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