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"Do you see me chuckling?"

Kaivon stopped staring ahead and turned to look at jacob with a confused look on his face. "No...I don't. Why didn't you think it was funny?"

"When battle is upon you, I am afraid that I won't be able to help, I've never used any kind of a weapon in my life, except my tongue with its sharp words. However, if you keep me relegated to the rear of the fight, and retreat there if you're wounded, there I might prove of significant use. When I'm not doing lab work, I'm studying to be a medic. Not a doctor, mind you, but someone who might be able to turn the tide against injuries on the field of war. In this particular capacity, I'm willing and able."

While Kaivon wasn't looking to offend anyone else he couldn't help but speak up when he heard that she hadn't ever used a weapon.

"I can keep an eye on you while on the battlefield." He offered quietly. "I've trained for all sorts of missions including escort missions. I like to think that I'm capable of keeping people safe."
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