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"I find nothing humorous from that wannabe joker."

"Look, lighten up a bit. You aren't helping anyone by acting like there isn't anything to laugh about." Gao said, allowing a twinge of annoyance to show through his voice. He then addressed Andrew. "For the record, I thought it was pretty funny. No offense, ma'am." Gao had added the last sentence in a bit more quickly than he would have liked. The last thing he wanted was getting on his CO's nerves.

"When battle is upon you, I am afraid that I won't be able to help, I've never used any kind of a weapon in my life, except my tongue with its sharp words. However, if you keep me relegated to the rear of the fight, and retreat there if you're wounded, there I might prove of significant use. When I'm not doing lab work, I'm studying to be a medic. Not a doctor, mind you, but someone who might be able to turn the tide against injuries on the field of war. In this particular capacity, I'm willing and able."

Gao bit his lip in thought. There were several pros and cons to this, but he wouldn't mind having a field medic in combat. Kaivon was saying how he could protect Cadice, but Musto didn't even want her with them. Gao decided to keep quiet for now; he trusted Sgt. Mio to make the right choice, and he didn't want to cause too much friction between everybody.

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