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"Tonatius and I didn't plan this either, and in spite of everything that's going on, I'm happy about it, but still nervous. Mind you, it doesn't help that my stepfather has already asked me about names."

Alriana laughed. "Tavaryn and I most likely aren't going to be discussing names for quite awhile. But congratulations...I'm really happy for the two of you."

Having fun with your girl talk moi chroi?

It's not as much fun as you might think. She sent back. be honest it's kind of boring. She sent again. She didn't know if Kalla would appreciate it if she told Tavaryn if she was pregnant, for all she knew, Kalla might have already told him anyway.

Xandros quickly ran up the ramp and smiled sheepishly at Alriana and Kalla. "Sorry about that, I'm still new to the Ackbar and for the life of me I couldn't find this hanger. I ended up on the other side of the ship before I was able to get directions."

He looked at Kalla. "Are we ready to get going? I can sense some sort of distress call through the force."

"You can sense it as well?" Alriana asked

"I...well yes I can." Xandros answered. "This kid seems scared of something and she just keeps getting more and more frightend by the minute."

"I can sense it as well, we should leave now if we want to get to the child in time."
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