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"Of course, you will most likely have to check with your superior officers to see if they will allow me on the mission. They probably won't." With a wink, Cadice continued, "That doesn't mean I won't try."

She was about to answer to this when Mio heard the guys speak up in reply to what Cadice had said earlier, she wasn't aware that her slightly private conversation was being overheard.

"You soldiers don't know that it's rude to eavesdrop on private conversations?", Mio said and she then turned to both Kaivon and Jacob.

"While I do appreciate the help Kaivon and I do see your point Jacob, I do believe that the final word does not even rest with me. Command will have to decide wether or not Doctor Marin will join us. IF she is given a green light, WE will have to do what we can to protect her and get our work done. Failure is not an option in this unit, not with it's composition. Think of it as an added challenge if, and only IF it does happen", Mio said.

She then took Cadice from her arm and pulled her gently away.

"I will try to speak to the brass about this and request a field medic by using your name directly. I don't think they will deny my request after all the concessions I've made. Even so, you might have to fill some paperwork to get the acceptance", Mio said.

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