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"Welcome Shade, while I do consider your presence an overkill in my squad, I do welcome you into the unit. Be at ease and if you need anything just make sure you let me know. I always seek harmony in my unit, as long as we're comfortable and content, we should work to our fullest," S202A heard the Sergeant say as she saluted back with a simple yet dainty smile. He'd already been moving to the wall by that time but had noticed both actions before turning away; he gave her a nod in response to the smile, as he'd already saluted her.

The Shade brooded over the look the woman in the black duo had given him. She'd seemed pleased, if he could gauge anything from her reaction, but he didn't grasp it. He'd thought she'd be more wary, or intimidated, or angry, but what did he know? His own understanding of emotions and reactions came from his experience with others, not his knowledge of them on his own part. He tilted his head to the side as he thought on this; he found her....Interesting? No, intriguing? Same thing, right? Maybe. He was uncertain, his head swam for a moment and then he shook it, glancing over at the man in the duo once more.

The man had proven different, he felt something from him that reminded S202A of the Brieders to some degree: A malice, maybe? Most certainly superiority, he recognized that well, regardless of his emotional standing. The change in body-language was the primary tell, not the information he read from him, though he sensed a threat in this one that did not even so much as make an inkling of a sign of surfacing within the other one. He would have to watch this one - with a knife in hand.

He was in this squad to ensure that both parts to the mission got done.....No matter the cost. Shades often were in squads for that purpose, though surprisingly few of the common soldiers knew it, or at the very least acknowledged it as truth, after all, who could believe everything you heard about Shades? There were so many rumors after all. S202A knew that if this man put the security of the mission at stake, and even that of himself or the others, the Sergeant especially, then he might have to follow through with that overlooked little code the Shades so fervently followed.

S202A decided to listen in on the conversations around him, only to find that the Sergeant was discussing private matters with the civilian scientist, and the other soldiers were arguing with themselves and haranguing her about the decisions she was making in her private conversation; though he himself had already deduced most of what they had been discussing, he was still a man of protocol, and the others were not showing their due respects for her position as Commanding Officer.

The Shade very, very, rarely ever pulled rank, but he'd heard and gathered enough information to do so now. He stepped up and cut the view off between the Sergeant - as she proceeded to speak with the scientist - and the other soldiers and spoke up, "That's enough! Butting heads and questioning decisions made on a private matter is over! You're soldiers, we're on base, and preparing for deployment, act like it! Now follow the Sergeant's orders and get your gear in the armory...And leave personal matters amongst others personal! Understood!?"

S202A looked around at everyone, then glanced at the Sergeant Major. He knew his....Disposition, as well as rank, might cause a problem with those orders, but then again, they were (in a sense) equivalent in rank, so it all really mattered upon him and his attitude. S202A had the advantage of being apart of a separate covert branch of the military and thus being on a different ranking ladder from that of those in other branches; so it was an order either way.

S202A looked over his shoulder at the Sergeant and the civilian woman, and then stepped aside a bit, but stayed in relatively the same spot to ensure his words were not met with defiance.

((Hooray for random rank-pulling! Hey, I had to do something other than stand in front of a wall!))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
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