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Onyx heard the chatter between a few of his fellow soldiers, but didn’t comment on it. From what he gathered the Sergeant was speaking with a scientist in private. He didn’t comment on the matter as he didn’t want to be rude, especially on the first day.

"That's enough! Butting heads and questioning decisions made on a private matter is over! You're soldiers, we're on base, and preparing for deployment, act like it! Now follow the Sergeant's orders and get your gear in the armory...And leave personal matters amongst others personal! Understood!?"

Onyx jumped up in surprise, not expecting someone to speak that loud. Onyx turned to see that the intimidating voice belonged to a fairly armored man. Onyx eye’s were now fixed on this armored being. He began to study each piece of his armor, completely fascinated. This wasn’t standard issue stuff, that much he knew…could it be an H.E.S? The Shade has just given an order...but he needed to do this.

"Sir, yes sir!" Onyx responded.

Onyx then took a step forward and saluted the Shade. So many questions were racing through his head. He had heard about them, but he knew very little. He was interested in what they were capable of, and what their suits allowed them to do in combat. He heard a rumor that they could go completely invisible, or lift almost ten times their own weight.

“Excuse me, sir? I may not get this chance to ask again, but I was curious about your suit. I hope don’t come off as rude, but what exactly does it let you do?” Onyx asked, trying to hide the excitement in his voice…but failing.
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