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Onyx felt a bit uneasy as the Shade just stared at him. This would be scary if he didn't think this armor was so cool. He eagerly waited the shade's response, hoping he'd get some information from him.

"It's a 'Prism' grade and issued Hostile Environment Suit, or H.E.S. for short. It is interwoven with an advanced circuitry system that covers the body apart from the head, which is to prevent it from interfering with my abilities, thus the pulsing lights. It has an adjustable temperature setting which allows it to mask the wearer from heat detection equipment, or more importantly, organs. It provides some limited protection from small arms fire, has a Shade issue E-Comm unit, while the helmet acts as a chemical agent mask and the suit features full life support and limited N.B.C. shielding...."

Onyx cocked his head to the side as he took in this information. This suit was...incredible! It was a technological wonder for those like Onyx. Advanced circuitry, the special comm, the mask, and the ability to adjust the suits temperature. This guy sounded like he could be a one man army. This was probably why Shade's were so mysterious. They could easily handle anything on their own. Still something felt a bit odd. He got the feeling there was more to the suit, but he guessed it was simply something he wasn't allowed to hear. Well he still got some information.

".....N.B.C. shielding stands for nuclear, biological, and chemical protection, just in case you didn't know."

Onyx nodded his head at this. He knew what it stood for, but didn't want to be rude about it.

"Thank you for the information. If any of your suit's functions fail you on the mission, don't hesitate to contact me. I might be able to fix them for you...but I understand if I'm not allowed to see how it works. I figure I should still give you the offer. It will be an honor to fight along side you," Onyx said in his friendly tone.
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